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In the rich history of men’s fashion, very few garments that are still made to this day embody the pure essence of refinement and timeless elegance quite like a smoking jacket. Steeped in history and imbued with a sense of sophistication, the smoking jacket has captured the eye and hearts of gentlemen alike for centuries.

However, as cultural perception shifts and awareness of health hazards grows, the statue of the smoking jacket as a simple piece of quality fashion statement finds itself at a crossroads, caught between historical and practical significance and the contemporary context of smoking.

A Legacy of Elegance and Glamour

Originating from the 19th century, the smoking jacket, a garment primarily worn by men, was designed as an after-dinner coat while you indulged in tobacco. Crafted from luxurious fabrics such as velvet or even silk, these jackets were made specifically for those of higher status and class.

They exuded wealth and refinement, often adorned with intricate embroidery or opulent patterns. Their allure lay not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in the air of sophistication. As times have changed, they are becoming more accessible. Of course, there are still brands and jackets that are only aimed at those who can afford them.

The Modern Interpretation

While the smoking jacket retains its classic charm, its more updated and modern interpretation has evolved to suit contemporary tastes.

Today, smoking jackets are available in a variety of styles and materials, allowing men to express their style. The best part about this modern interpretation is that it can be worn without smoking. As a lot of men might appreciate the style and not the purpose, they can either indulge in killa nicopods instead and still wear them unapologetically to an event.

Versatility and Style Contrary

At its heart, every smoking jacket is no longer confined to a smoking room. Its modernisation has given it a versatility that allows it to be worn on a variety of occasions, both formal and informal.

Paired with well-fitted trousers and a crisp formal shirt, the smoking jacket is a statement in itself and exudes an air of effortless elegance at black-tie events. Alternatively, it can be dressed down with a pair of fitted jeans for a more relaxed but sophisticated look for a cocktail party or an event.

A Timeless Investment

While fashion trends evolve and change constantly, the smoking jacket remains a steadfast and timeless investment, whether you’re a smoker, vaper or prefer nicopods. It’s a quality piece of clothing that’s unique and transcends passing fads, ensuring it will always hold a place of honour in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

With famous films that still remain popular, such as ‘The Godfather’, it’s hard for men to ignore these moments of fashion but also not be inspired to look and dress like these icons. With proper care and attention, a well-made smoking jacket will age gracefully and hopefully become a cherished heirloom to pass down.… Read More..

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Jeans are the staple to any wardrobe but it can become tiresome wearing them everyday (if you’re lucky enough to have a casual dress code for work). So if you’re looking for an alternative fashion statement to mens spray on jeans, here’s a look at 4  alternative trouser styles.


Cargo Trousers

The streetwear scene is constantly changing and currently utility style clothing is a massive trend. Some call them cargo pants and others refer to them as utility trousers, is a style that’s suited to most as they are a similar style to jeans, but offer functional pockets for a more active finish. You’ll likely find this style of trouser in black, khaki or a tan colour if you’re looking for a traditional colour, but with utility become current all different colours and patterns are available for everyone looking to add a different take on in.

Match up with a utility/ tactical vest and a longline tee for an urban look.



If you’re looking for something a little more light and comfortable in the summer, chnos are a great alternative. Don’t just think about chinos as a light sand coloured trouser, they’re available in hundreds of different colours and thicknesses so you’ll likely find a pair you want to wear. They’re likely the closest you’ll get to denim in terms of material, but the weight is much better for warm weather.

Chino can be both dressed up or down, wear with a casual shirt and shoes or with a tee and trainers.



The perfect alternative for denim in a work environment. Cord trousers give off a traditional workwear vibe and work well with most personalities. With a choice of regular, slim and skinny fits available in a similar stretch style to denim, cords are an ideal substitute in the autumn winter seasons. Expect and thicker, warmer and more durable feel when compared to denim, the workwear finish works well with both shoes and trainers and an array of colours are commonly worn such as black, khaki and brown.

Similar to chinos and denim the style is suited to both t-shirts, shirts and jumpers.



We’re not saying wear your baggy grey marl joggers to work, but joggers have had a big change up over the past few years. Technical and fitted styles are available for a modern practical look and if you buy the right colour and material you’ll find they work as an comfy alternative to jeans.

Naturally you can match this up with almost any casual style, mens graphic t-shirts, hoodies jumpers and trainers are all easy link ups.… Read More..