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3 Ways Fashion Has Had an Influence on Interior Design

When we think of fashion, we tend to think of items of clothing that an individual wears. But fashion is becoming more than just an individual style as fashion trends take inspiration from many influences. In particular, it’s had a major influence on the interior design front. Fashion trends tend to be considered over the top and a bit too exuberant for the home, but it’s worth considering that subtle trends have also been showcased in the past. They can be extremely complimentary for the home space and here’s how.

Black is the perfect accent colour

Black can be considered a rather overpowering colour tone for the home and needs to be used in particular ways. This is why using black as an accent colour is the perfect way to achieve this. Black has been showcased on the famous catwalk a number of times in popular fashion shows, providing sophisticated and classic looks for models that wear it.

The best way you can make black work within the home space is through accent features. In a neutral looking room, including black accents through different items and small items can provide a striking look. Purchasing a black designer sofa or a black luxury coffee table and armchairs can be a great way to compliment the furniture with neutral looking walls.

Mix and match colour tones

The fashion world is considered an industry where colour palette rules can be blurred. Different fashion styles have taken up completely different looks over the years that have helped them to really stand out. Luminous colours have been a trend that has taken the fashion world by storm in recent years.

It seems with interior design, whilst it seems a bold move there are still ways that different colours can be incorporated within the home. One way is by adding feature walls into your room as they provide a space where anything goes. As it’s only one wall of the room that’s different from the rest, the tone of the feature doesn’t become overwhelming to the rest of the space. It’s a trend that has become increasingly popular with modern styles.

Alternatively, small features or furniture pieces can also be ways you can add vibrant colour tones to your living space. Even if it’s not a full set of furniture that you’re looking to incorporate, one statement piece is another way you can do this. Perhaps an armchair that’s bolder than the rest of your room can be subtle.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

Another theme that’s making a great comeback is the use of patterns. Animal print and floral patterns continue to be long term popular choices for individuals and fashion experts. The same can also be said for features in interior designs.

Flooring and wallpapers are popular choices when utilising patterns in the home. However, in recent times patterns have become a large highlight on the catwalk which suggests the same needs to be done in the home. Consider a patterned designer sofa that really stands out in the rest of your living space. Alternatively, mix and match how you utilise patterns throughout the home that really brings out your personality.