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3 Tips For Finding Outfits That Fit You Flawlessly

We all strive to have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit us perfectly, yet often get caught up on sizing or buying cheaper outfits for one occasion. However, our guide is here to help you find outfits that fit flawlessly and will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. If you don’t feel confident in a piece of clothing in the changing rooms, you never will, so get ready to feel inspired when you’re next shopping for your wardrobe essentials!

Focus On How It Fits, Not The Size

The first mistake so many people make when clothes shopping is focusing on the size of the clothing rather than how it fits. So many people will refuse to buy a piece of clothing if the size they usually are doesn’t fit, but every single shop seems to have completely different sizing standards now, so you could go into one shop and need a small top and medium bottoms, then go into the next and need a large top and small bottoms. There really isn’t any rhyme or reason to the system, which is why you should never focus on the size. When you go to try something on, take a couple of different size options to try on, as when people take one and it doesn’t fit, they often give up. This is so much better and will help you to find pieces that fit you perfectly, rather than forcing yourself to buy it when it doesn’t fit quite right, wearing it once and then never again because it doesn’t fit well. This goes from everything little black dresses to work trousers and your loungewear.

Choose Styles That Accentuate Your Shape

Our next tip is to choose styles that accentuate your shape. Some styles of clothing simply don’t suit some body shapes, or they might not make you feel comfortable or confident. So, rather than seeing style inspiration and trying to copy if it doesn’t make you feel great, put your own spin on it. For example, if you see a high neck top but you don’t find that flattering, find something that gives a similar look but makes you feel wonderful, perhaps a classic corset top that gives you so much confidence. Rather than choosing wide leg trousers, try a skinny or flare fit instead for something different. Finding clothes that fit us perfectly is all about trying lots of stuff out, including different shapes and styles and over time you’ll find the sorts of styles that work well for you and always make you feel incredible.

Buy Quality Over Quantity

Lastly, buying quality over quantity can help you to find clothes that fit you perfectly. When material is slightly thinner, it can really impact how it fits. So, going for thicker materials will often fit much better and give you more confidence. Focus on buying pieces you will wear and love for years, rather than just for one occasion.